The Woman and Itawanta (something that wanders about)

Here is a story:

One young man once married a woman and took her to his home located in a town that had a mine. They lived there together for three years without having any children. One day, the man came across some money and went to the shop. There he bought his wife some beautiful dresses.

When he came home, he told his wife: I have bought you some beautiful dresses. His wife replied:The dresses you bought me are not good, but what I really want you to buy for me is: Itawanta (something that wanders about). It is really what I want. The young man went to the stores and looked for Itawanta, but the people at the store told him: We don’t know what it is. He returned to his wife and said: I searched in the stores, but I couldn’t find it. The wife said to him: Go and buy it from the elders who built the store in which Itawanta lives.

The man went to an elder and asked him: Do you know what Itawanta is? He answered him: Is it really Itawanta you want? The man agreed and said: Yes, it is what I want. The elder told him: O.K. Wait here. The old man went to the bush and pulled the roots of various trees and came back. He gave them to the man saying: Take these, soak them, and then drink it daily. The young man took the roots.

When he drank it for a month, his barren wife became pregnant and had a child. Then they took the child to the witch-doctor who said: Look my friend, this is the Itawanta that your wife wanted. The woman was very happy seeing the child she gave birth to.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: God is the greatest healer because he heals all those who suffer and fulfils the deepest human longings. God’s ways are unknown, so just put your trust in Him. When preparing a remedy, one must rely on God for the cure. A remedy is useless without God’s help.

The Mambwe proverbs say: When you dig for a small remedy (root), you must mix it with God (God’s power)(Kwimba kalembo(nantikati), kusanzya na Leza); God is the Cutter, He made the wasp slim without cutting (it in half)(Lez’Umucetozi, wacetoli londa pakasi nga lyaputwike); God is totally independent, only His spirit knows itself (Leza a ntumba nambo, mwenzo kaimanyile); God is a blacksmith, He does not forge for just one person (Leza umusuzi, asisulila wenga); God does not forget any living being (that stands) (Leza, asyailila icimilile); The day when God is going to give you a meal is unknown (Wanda uno Leza akukwimula, usimanyikwa). English equivalent: “God helps those that help themselves”; “Heaven helps those who help themselves”.

Subjects: Divine Providence – trusting God – Healer – medicine – God’s blessings

Written by an unknown author.