The Wife that Came Out of the Kasongole (Bush Orange) Fruit

Here is a story:

There once was a boy whom no girl would agree to marry . He asked one girl to marry him and she refused. Then he asked another one and she, too, refused. The people advised him: Go and consult the one-buttocked ant diviner. The young man went to the Ant. The Ant consulted the spirits and then told him: You are cursed. You must find an old woman who has a terrible wound and go to her and ask her: ‘I am looking for a wife’. She will tell you: ‘I want you to lick my wound until it is white, then I will tell you what to do.’

The young man agreed and went home. In the morning, he set out on his journey in search of girls. He found the old woman just as the Ant had told him and said: I am looking for girls. The old woman replied: There are a lot of girls. If you agree to do as I tell you, you can marry today. She said to him: First, I want you to lick my wound which is full of bugs. The young man licked the wound and removed all the bugs . The area was made clean. The old woman looked for some medicine. The young man took it and threw up everything he had licked. She made him some mush and meat, and he ate until he was full. The old woman then said: Go and find the kasongole tree, the one on which you will find two very sour fruits. When you get to the river, break one of them open and you will see a beautiful girl come out of it. If she tells you: ‘Give me water, give me water,’ you must give her water very quickly. If you don’t give her in time, she will return from where she came. If she goes back into the fruit, break open the other one. If you do not give water quickly to the second girl, she too will go back into the fruit and everything is lost.

The young man quickly got up and found the kasongole tree. He picked the two fruits and arrived at the river. He broke open one of the fruits and a very beautiful girl came out of it. She said: Give me water, give me water! The young man was too late and she went back into the fruit. He got up and took the other fruit and broke it open. Another beautiful girl came out of it who shouted: Give me water! He quickly gave her the water. She was very beautiful and the two then went off together.

They married and the man lived very happily with his wife who came out of the kasongole fruit.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: (1) trust one another in marriage as marriage is a gift from God. God’s ways are unknown, so just put your trust in Him; (2) we should spare no effort to achieve what is really important to us. We should persevere in carrying out what we are told to do to the letter.

The Mambwe proverbs say: (1) The day when God is going to give you a meal is unknown (Wanda uno Leza akukwimula, usimanyikwa);(2) Who wants to produces salt has to follow the instructions of people who know how to do it, or he will come back empty-handed (Wa kuli wimbi, ntanzi na miloncele).

Subjects: marriage – God’s gift – mutual trusting – perseverance – following instructions – priorities – determination

Written by an unknown author.