The Two Evil Spirits that Eat Children

Here is a story:

There once was a man that married a woman and this woman gave birth to children that all died soon after birth. This troubled him a lot in his mind because he didn’t know what was killing his children. In total, four children died. After some time passed, the woman became pregnant with her fifth child.

The man thought to himself: Maybe the midwives are killing my children. The day of the child’s birth came and the man thought of a way to see how his children were dying. The man said to himself: Today I will find out what is killing my children. He took the chairs and the table and put them in the partition, and he sat there. The midwives did not know he was in the house, only his wife knew. The woman gave birth to a beautiful girl. When the man hidden in the corner saw the girl, he said to himself: That is a really beautiful baby! In the evening, when it was time to go to sleep, all of the women fell into a deep sleep as well as the child’s mother. The man in the partition did not sleep. In the middle of the night, he noticed that it became very bright inside the house and he said to himself: The thing responsible for the death of my children is coming. It was two Evil Spirits, one male and the other female. The female said:Let’s not kill this child today, but instead let’s kill the child on the day of her wedding. We will cause the girl to have a stomach-ache which will make her stop on the way to her wedding, and we can then kill her. A big tree in the middle of the road will be a sign for us.

The girl grew up and reached age 15. She finished Form 5 and began to work. Her father said: My child, I want nothing from you except you to buy me a rifle. The child bought him a rifle, but he didn’t explain to his wife why he asked her to buy him a rifle.

The child got engaged to a certain young boy, and the day of the wedding arrived. The father got worried because he knew this was the time that the Evil Spirit said he would kill his child. When the wedding ceremony was over and they were escorting the bride, the father ran and armed himself with the rifle and some cartridges. He went and sat half way between the houses because he remembered the Evil Spirit said that he would kill the child at that spot. When the bride arrived at the spot, she said to the older women: I have a terrible stomach-ache. Let me go aside. When she went aside from the others, the Evil Spirit jumped out to kill her. The father saw him, grabbed the rifle, and shot the Evil Spirit. This killed him instantly. The child thanked her father, saying: My father, you have saved me from such an evil enemy. The child then lived happily in her marriage, producing many children.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: immorality and adultery are evils which destroy marriage and harm children very much. The woman-chaser gets punished sooner or later.

The Mambwe proverbs say: They killed the duiker, (on account of) his bustling about (Yumile mpombo, ukuswaswata kwakwe).

Subjects: adultery – immorality – marriage – woman-chaser – punishment

Written by an unknown author.