The “Pro Redemptione” Award

Fr. Dr. Andrzej Halemba from the Pontifical Foundation “Aid to the Church in Need” receives the “Pro Redemptione” Award

Poland, 19 October 2019

Today, during a ceremony at the Major Seminary of the RedemptoristCongregation in Poland Fr. Andrew Halemba PhD, director of the MiddleEast section of the Pontifical Foundation “Aid to the Church in Need”(Kirche in Not) received the “Pro Redemptione” award for his reliefendeavours and diplomatic efforts to promote peace and to save thepresence of Christians in their native lands in the Middle East, thecradle of Christian faith. Founded in 2014, the “Pro Redemptione” prizeis an initiative of “Homo Dei” publishing house and quarterly appearingunder the same title. This prize aims at promoting the ideal of work forsalvation by pointing to the example of people who, through their workand commitment, put this model into practice.

Fr. Halemba spent 12 years in Zambia, in Africa, furthermore heworked as Director of the Centre for Missionary Formation, a Secretaryto the Commission for Missions at the Bishops’ Conference of Poland andDelegate for Missionary Affairs. In the scope of his activities he alsodeveloped translation and scientific work, which brought a range ofachievements. For 15 years now associated with the international charityand pontifical foundation “Aid to the Church in Need” (Kirche in Not),Fr. Halemba is responsible for helping the Church in 23 countries of theMiddle East and in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

The awarded priest said: “The founder of “Aid to theChurch in Need”, father Werenfried van Straaten, whose name means“warrior of peace”, invited people to compassion and to have courage ofopening their hearts to peace, but to cherish peace is not enough today,we must become instruments of peace in our environment and for ourbrothers and sisters who suffer persecution all over the world.”

Besides Fr. Andrzej Halemba, in the sixth edition of the “ProRedemptione” award were honoured the following: the Movement of PureHearts with Fr. Mieczysław Piotrowski at its forefront, in recognitionof his contribution to the evangelization of young people; Fr. MirosławCholewa PhD together with the magazine “Pastores”, for his concern forpriesthood formation; Fr. prof. Marek Starowiejski, renowned scholar oftheological sciences, expert in ancient Christianity and patrology, foroutstanding scientific achievements and testimony of life, and deaconDr. Jacek Pawłowicz, for his long lasting cooperation with the quarterly“Homo Dei”.