The Man who Wanted to have a Wife that Reminded him of his Mother

Here is a story:

There once was a great village where a young man lived along with his mother. He told his mother: Mother, since I began to live with you and you began feeding me, nothing bad has ever happened to me. Today I am going off in search of a bride who reminds me of you. When I find her, I will move in with her. He packed his things and a ring which his father had left him, took it along with him and went.

He went to the first village and met the chief of the village to whom he explained at length what he wanted: I am looking for marriageable girls. That evening, the chief called a girl who quickly agreed to marry the boy. She took his suitcase and went to stay with him.

They went to sleep and at midnight the boy got up and when his wife was fast asleep, he relieved himself inside the room making there a terrible mess and went back to sleep. In the morning when his wife woke up, she saw what he had done and was in shock. She said: How disgusting! What kind of man would do this? andwent out and said to the people: I don’t want him. The people chased the boy out of the village.

He then got up and after a long journey arrived at a second village. There he met a beautiful girl who agreed to marry him. That evening he did the same thing; he left a shocking mess which was disgusting to look at. The girl, seeing the mess, said: You boy, you seemed to be such a nice man, but since you did such a thing just go away! She told the people of the village what had happened, and they chased him away.

Once again, the young boy travelled a long distance and arrived at the last village. There he found a girl who was surprisingly beautiful, but she turned down everyone in the village who had asked for her hand in marriage. When she met the young man, she agreed to marry him. The people in the village were very surprised. The boy and the girl went to sleep. During the night, the boy got up and did the same thing he used to do. In the morning, the girl woke up and cleaned the whole mess without a word to anyone else. The next day, the man did not make a mess, but instead he built a big house and his magic ring produced a car. The man told his wife: You remind me of my mother, and that is what I wanted.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: we should accept to suffer in some important and just cause as with time we may learn that the suffering was not in vain and we will reap our reward.

The Mambwe proverbs say: Patience built a nice house (Itekamwenzo, lyakuzile inghanda izipe); Pride is never to be eaten (Cilumba, cisiliwa).

Subjects: priorities – perseverance – sacrifice – just cause – sufferings – reward

Written by an unknown author.