The Hare and the Jackal that Eat Groundnuts

Here is a story:

The Hare and the Jackal were good friends. They often played together and they both lived in provisional huts. The Hare told the Jackal: Let’s go to the field and eat some groundnuts. They went and as the two began eating, the owner of the field came and saw that the Hare and the Jackal nearly finished eating his groundnuts in the field. As he noticed them eating the groundnuts, he complained bitterly and saw only a small part of his field left.

The field owner came to the correct conclusion saying: The groundnuts will soon all be gone. He then began to sculpt the figure of a beautiful girl out of wood. When he finished sculpting, he attached the breasts and it looked like a very very beautiful girl. He took her to the field of groundnuts and placed her in the middle of it. The next day, he embellished her body and the girl looked even more beautiful and then he painted her whole body with glue.

Early the next morning, the Hare said to the Jackal: It’s been a long time since we last ate any groundnuts. The Jackal agreed and they both went on their way to the field of groundnuts. When they arrived at the edge of the field, the Jackal (as he was taller than the Hare) said: My friend, Hare, there is a girl in the field. The Hare asked: Where is she? O.K. Hello girl, but the girl did not respond. Then the Hare said to the Jackal: Let’s greet her by shaking her hand. The Jackal went up to her and gave her his hand in greeting. As he did so, his hand got stuck and he said: My friend, this girl has caught me. O.K. then I will hit her. The Jackal hit her and his other hand got stuck, he kicked her and his leg got stuck so he said: I will kick you with my other leg. Then his other leg got stuck, and so both his legs got stuck until he finally said: I will hit you with my head. And then his head got stuck. The Hare said: You (stupid) girl! You have caught my friend. I will hit you. When he tried to kick the girl, he got stuck and soon his whole body was stuck. The Hare said to the Jackal: My friend, we are about to die for when they come they will kill us.

When the owner of the field came, he said: Even the Hare is here. He hit the Hare in the head with an axe handle. The Hare faked death. Then the owner hit the Jackal so hard with the axe handle that the tail came off his backside. The Hare did not die but was watching what was happening. Then the owner said to his son: Take this Hare to your mother so she can cook him. When they got to the outer reaches of the village, the Hare said: Do you remember what your father told you? He told you that your mother must make mush and chicken so the Hare eats well.

The father went and tied the Jackal so that the birds would eat him. When the child got closer to the village, the Hare repeated to him: Your father said: take this Hare and your mother must make a lot of mush. The child agreed and told his mother everything and she prepared mush and soon the Hare was full. The father came home and he asked his wife: Have you prepared the meat that I sent home to you with our son? The woman replied: No. Then she explained to him how the child had explained to her saying: Father said: Take this Hare, and your mother should prepare mush for him because he is very tired. The field owner said: Where is he? They said: In there. The man took his axe handle but as he approached, the Hare who had already overheard him, ran away with lightning speed – saying: You are a very stupid man, and leaving the owner of the groundnut field far behind.

And that is the end of our story.

Written by an unknown author. It is a second version of a folk-tale (18) How the Hare and the Jackal Stole from the Field told by Bernard Kungula (recorded) and a folk-tale (second version 18) The Hare, the Jackal and the Lumberjack written by Justin Sicinsambwe.