The Frog and Lozi

Here is a story:

There once was a big village. In this village there lived a girl named Lozi who was very beautiful. At this time, a Ghost was looking for people to devour.

One evening, Lozi went to the river. The ghost happened to be there. On seeing Lozi, he said: I have been looking for something to eat all day and it looks like I have found it! As Lozi was finishing gathering water, the Ghost came up to her and took her far, far away. Lozi’s mother went off looking for her and after some time became convinced that Lozi was nowhere to be found and so they began to mourn. The people mourned and cried for Lozi for a week without end.

When the Frog heard them crying over her, the Frog said: I’ll try to find this girl. So the Frog went very far in search of Lozi and finally found the place where the Ghost had taken her. The Frog discovered that Lozi was alone and so asked: Where is the Ghost? Lozi said: The Ghost went to check his traps because that is the way it hunts. The Frog said: Let’s go, then. So the Frog swallowed Lozi and began the trip back home. The Ghost arrived back at his village and discovered that Lozi was gone. The Ghost noticed the Frog’s tracks and began to follow them. The Frog saw that the Ghost was following closely behind, so when he reached the river he drank some water, swallowed some mud, and went on its way. The Ghost finally caught up with the Frog and said: You Frog, you are the one who has taken Lozi! The Frog replied: Oh no, you accuse me unjustly. The Ghost said: So how come your stomach is so big? The Frog replied: That’s because I have drank a lot of water. The Ghost replied: Then throw it up and show me. So the Frog vomited the water and the mud. The Ghost said: So you are innocent, andthe Frog went back to Lozi’s home-village. When he reached the village, the Frog threw up Lozi.

The mother and the father and their whole family became overjoyed when they saw her. Then Lozi said to her family: It was the Frog who brought me back. So Lozi’s parents promised to feed the Frog ilanda lentils as sign of their gratitude. And that is why frogs eat lentils.

And that is the end of our story.

Written by Joseph Kafunda, 7 of September 1994. It is a second version of a folk-tale (98) How the Frog Saved the Girl, Ngoza, who Mocked the Massive Stone told by Silvester Siwiti Silwamba.