The Evil Spirit at the Man’s Field

Here is a story:

There once was a man who cut trees for his field and when he finished his wife would come and carry the branches. When she finished carrying the branches, she burned them. To cultivate finger millet, they used to take the seeds and sow them when the rain came. Soon the finger millet would sprout. As the finger millet was the height of grass, the Evil Spirit came and built his house in the field of the man. When the rain was coming, the Evil Spirit would walk around the field and would say: Finish there, finish there.

The Evil Spirit would do this every day in the man’s field, and the rain never came. Soon the finger millet began to dry up. When the owner of the field came and saw this he got very worried. He thought to himself: I have to hide and see what is causing this lack of rainfall in my field. So the man hid himself and when the rain was about to fall he saw the Evil Spirit jump out of the grass and begin to yell: Finish there, finish there. The man took a huge stick and, in a rage, gave the Evil Spirit a heavy thrashing until he was exhausted, and then the man returned to the village. When the man got to the village, he told all of the people his problem and asked them for their advice. They told him: You should build a house there, and when you move, tell your wife to boil some beer malt. When the Evil Spirit comes and starts saying: ‘Give me some water’, give him the malt. This is what he did: he built a house and moved in.

One day, the Evil Spirit came and said: Give me some water to drink, and the man boiled the malt. He took the pot with malt off the fire and said to the Evil Spirit: Open your mouth! When the Evil Spirit opened his mouth the man poured the malt into it, killing him immediately. The rain then began to pour down on the field.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what belongs to God. Evil deserves to be eradicated. He who encounters an evil omen (eg. when somebody dies a sudden death) must not lose his head, but should work hard in order to overcome it.

The Mambwe proverbs say: He who meets with an evil omen does not close his eyes (Uwalolu mupamba, asizyata).

Subjects: evil – eliminating – omen – staying calm – priorities – God

Written by an unknown author.