The Cow and the Lion: Friendship and Hate

Here is a story:

There once was a Cow who was good friends with a Lion. The Lion had a child and the cow had a child. One day, the calf broke one of the Lion cub’s legs. The cub said to the calf: Get your mother to boil some water and put some hot towels on my leg because my mother will come soon. The Cow knew that this was going to be a problem, so she said: We must run away now because they will never forgive us for this. They began to run away very quickly. When the Lion came, she discovered that they were gone and so Mr and Mrs Lion then both decided to chase after them. The Cows got to the Duiker antelope’s home and they said: We have broken the Lion cub’s arm, could you save us? The Antelope refused. Therefore, the mother and her calf continued on running. When the Lion arrived at the antelope’s house, the Lion asked: Have you seen the Cow and the calf? The Antelope said: They have just left. The Lions continued in their pursuit of the Cows. This is how they tried to outmanoeuvre each other:

The Cow got to the Hare’s house and said: We have broken the Lion cub’s arm. The Hare replied: Sit here. The Cow said to the Hare: Do not abandon us and do not allow the Lions to kill us. The Lions arrived and the Hare gave them some food and they all ate. They explained to him what had happened. Then the Hare said: Let’s go to the king and I tell you: if the king comes, do not run away, he used to leap high and break trees.

Then they started climbing the hill. When they were close to the top, the Hare told the Cows: Push this huge rock so it rolls and crushes them and they will die. Thus you will be saved. So they rolled the huge rock which crushed the two Lions and they were killed.

And that is the end of our story.

Written by an unknown author. It is a second version of a folk-tale (29) The Children of the Lion and the Children of the Monkey written by Frederick Katao Silwamba and (second version 12) The Lion and the Cow written by Joseph Kafunda.