No Mercy: The Viper and the Man

Here is a story:

There once was a great village where a man lived. One day, as he was walking in the bush, he came across a Viper that was caught in a trap. The Viper said to the man: Please pull me out! The man said: You are a viper and you have no mercy. The Viper said: I am very merciful. Finally, the man agreed to pull him out and the Viper immediately said: I am going to eat you. The man said: Was that our deal?

The man said: Let us go and ask the villagers. They arrived at the Chicken house. The man asked: Is it true that there is no mercy? She replied: There is no mercy. When guests arrive, we beg the owner for mercy but we fail. They then went to see the Dog, and the man asked: Is there no mercy? The Dog said: There is no mercy. When we are taken by you to the bush and we kill animals, you only give us the bones and you eat the meat yourself. Finally, they went to the Hare’s house and they asked him: Is it true that there is no mercy? The Hare said: There is no mercy, none. Let me see what happened.

The Hare said to the Viper: Lie down in the exact place as you were, and the Viper did so. He then said to the man: Close the trap as it was, and he did it. The Hare said: There is no mercy. The man then left the place.

And that is the end of our story.

Written by an unknown author. It is a second version of a folk-tale (21) Certain good is repaid in Evil: The Hare and the Python written by Francis Katao Silwamba.