How the Wagtail Divided the Honeybadger and the Sea Eagle

Here is a story:

Once upon a time there was a Honeybadger and an Eagle who often visited one another and were very good friends. Whenever the Badger went to his friend’s house, he always took some honey in a clay pot and the Sea Eagle always took fish.

One day, the Badger said: I will go and visit my friend. On the way he met a Wagtail who asked him where he was going. The Badger said: I am going to visit my friend, the Eagle. The Wagtail said: Go back to where you came from. I saw the Eagle yesterday. He said: ‘I will never forgive him, as one day he brought honeycomb with bees which stung my children and they swelled and died. So I do not want him to come anymore with his honey.’ When the Badger heard this, it hurt his heart very much and he went home.

After some time, the Eagle noticed that some days had passed since he had seen his friend and said: Let me go and see him! On the way, he met the Wagtail who said: Where are you going? If you are going to the Badger, I saw him yesterday. And he added: ‘I will never forgive him as he brought me some fish, as it was his custom, which caused my children to choke on the bones. I will chase him away if he ever comes here again.’

When the Eagle heard these words, his heart began to feel anger and he went back home. Then the friendship between the Eagle and the Badger ended and they never saw each other again.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: this is what Satan and his people do to the ones who love each other in order to create misunderstanding. It is important to be wary of people who aim to set others at variance through their jealousy and await any occasion to do this. Quarrelling with people in the village destroys friendship.

The Mambwe proverbs say: The sower of discord dwells on the road (in the middle of it) (Cimpatanya, catenzi pakasi ka nzila).

Subjects: quarrelling – destroying friendship – Satan – drive a wedge between sb and sb – variance – jealousy

Written by unknown author. Cf. in second version 14 (How the Friendship Between the Honeybadger and the Sea Eagle was destroyed) told by Bernard Kungula.