How the Lemurs Bulged their Eyes

Here is a story:

Mutende and Mundetelele lived together in the same hollow in a tree by the road. One day, three women walked by on their way to harvest finger millet. Mundetelele stuck his head out and looked down. Then he said to his friend: Look at the people walking by with their baskets as a lid on their heads. Mutende told his friend: Stop it, they will see us and then will kill us.

Early the next morning, they went to harvest the finger millet again and Mundetelele stuck his head out and said to his friend: Friend, look out there, those are people! This time they had a man with them. One of the girls saw the Mundetelele and said: My friends, look at that animal! Mutende immediately said to his friend: I told you and you don’t listen, you bring misfortune upon us. They killed Mundetelele and they beat him so mercilessly that his eyes bulged out. The reason why Lemurs bulge their eyes is because they do not listen to what they are told.

And that is the end of our story.

Written by Sande Sicinsambwe, 29 of September 1994. It is a second version of a folk-tale (114) How the Night Lemurs (Bush Babies): Mutende and Mundetelele, died, written by Edward Mwimbe.