How the Hare Saved the Bushbuck from the Lion

Here is a story:

There once was a famine in the country and the bush fires burnt the whole land so there was no grass. One day, the Bushbuck went hunting and the Lion also went hunting. They met each other in the middle of the bush and the Bushbuck said: I am going to die today. The Lion said: I am lucky, I will eat today. He began to chase the Bushbuck and the Bushbuck came to some heavy growth with thorns and went through. The Lion said: Let me go as well. Then he got caught and had to go back and go all the way around so as to return to the track of the Bushbuck. In this way, the Lion continued to go in circles and this made him remain far behind. Finally, the Bushbuck got to a meadow where there were big and small earth mounds.

The big hole belonged to the Hare and the Bushbuck explained everything to him. Then the Hare said: Come, I will hide you. The Hare hid him in the well and put a tube in his nostrils so he could breathe well. However, the antelope’s horns were visible from the outside.

When the Lion came there, he questioned the Hare. The Hare answered him: Do you not see those great holes in which we are burying our respectable people? Please follow me! The Hare took the Lion to the well where the Bushbuck was immersed in the water. The Hare said to the Lion: Grab those tree branches that are coming out of the water. When you drink the water say: ‘I have failed even though I am holding the horns in my hand.’ As the Lion drank the water, he smelled something good. And he drank so much water that he became bloated, swayed, fell over and fainted. The Hare pulled the Bushbuck out of the water and they escaped while the Lion remained there.

And that is the end of our story.

Written by unknown author. It is a second version of a folk-tale (13) The Hare that saved the Bushbuck from the Lion told by Makrina Mpande.