How People Can Hate Each Other

Here is a story:

In a village named Munsimbwe there once lived two girls, one named Rosemary and the other named Agnes. These girls loved each other very much and they shared a piece of cloth that they both used as a skirt. They loved each other so much that the people of the village became jealous and said: How can they love each other so much? An old woman of the village said: I can go and divide them. The other people said: How can you possibly set them at variance? They share the same piece of fabric; therefore there is no way to divide them. The old woman said: I will definitely set them at variance. The people said: So let us see how they hate each other.

The old woman went to the place where they were living and called one of the two girls, Agnes. The girl replied: Here I am. The old woman said: Come here. She replied: How can I come there if my friend and I share the same piece of cloth? Am I supposed to come undressed? The old woman said: You put on the piece of cloth and leave your friend in the bushes. She said: Rosemary, you stay there in the bushes. Rosemary stayed in the bushes and Agnes did as the old lady had said and went to see the old lady. The old woman whispered in her ear: Totototo. And then she said: Now you can go. The child then returned to her friend in the bushes and said: Let’s get dressed. Her friend said: First, tell me what she said to you there? Her friend said: She didn’t say anything. And they began arguing: No, she told you something. The other complained: I have nothing to hide; she said nothing. She replied: this is a lie.

In this manner, the girls failed to come to an understanding and began to hate each other. Their friendship was over and they each went their own way. They tore the fabric and divided it between each other. One wore one piece and the other wore the other piece. Then they parted in this way.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: (1) a double-faced man, a sower of dissension, is always waiting for people. This is what Satan and his people do to the ones who love each other in order to create misunderstanding. It is important to be wary of people who aim to set others at variance and await any occasion to do this; (2) this story talks of the Catholic Church in that we all wear the same fabric – the fabric being baptism. People come from far away to divide us and they say: The Catholic Church does no good; listen how it is at our place. This is why some of us get discouraged and join other denominations.

The Mambwe proverbs say: The sower of discord dwells on the road (in the middle of it) (Cimpatanya, catenzi pakasi ka nzila).

Subjects: baptism – unity – double-faced person – misunderstanding – quarrelling – destroying friendship – Satan – drive a wedge between somebody and somebody variance – jealousy

Told by Adriana Yambayamba from Munsimbwe village (recorded).