The Giant (Christopher) Who Wanted to Serve the Most Powerful King

Here is a story: Where the people resided, there also lived the kings who ruled over different countries. In one of these kingdoms, there lived a Giant. He was very tall, had enormous hands, long legs and was very strong. One day, the Giant thought: Since I am so strong and have everything; I can […]

Something About Love

Here is a story: They were once many people in a big village and in this village there was a king. This king loved his people very much. Whenever he killed an animal, he divided the kill among his people, giving it to one group and not to another. The people who ate the meat […]

How the World’s Bad Deeds Caused the Rat to Rot

Here is a story: There once was a man named Kateya who married a woman named Mukweleka. They had two children, two sons: one named Kaleta (one who brings meat) and the other was named Cafula (one who is quickly bored). Kateya was a trapper and he used two types of traps to catch small […]

The Man who Wanted to have a Wife that Reminded him of his Mother

Here is a story: There once was a great village where a young man lived along with his mother. He told his mother: Mother, since I began to live with you and you began feeding me, nothing bad has ever happened to me. Today I am going off in search of a bride who reminds […]

The King who had Five Children and One of Them was a Thief

Here is a story: There once was a king who had five sons. All of them went to school, and thus the whole house was studying. The father told them: My children, if any one of you learns thievery, I will kill him. Nobody should talk about it. One who becomes a doctor, a teacher, […]

A Girl named Daylight

Here is a story: There once was a great village where a young man named Kateule lived. One day, the young man was sauntering around when he came across a girl named Daylight. Daylight never went outside of her home, but soon the two were married. The young man was told: This girl cannot work […]

The Lion, the Leopard, the Black Mamba Snake and the Man

Here is a story: There once was a king who built a great village. In that village, there was a man that hunted many animals, but he didn’t give any of them to the king. The king got angry and said to the man: Get out of my village. The man moved out of the […]

The Woman and Itawanta (something that wanders about)

Here is a story: One young man once married a woman and took her to his home located in a town that had a mine. They lived there together for three years without having any children. One day, the man came across some money and went to the shop. There he bought his wife some […]

The Two Women: the Good and the Bad One

Here is a story: There was once a man that married two women. The first wife gave birth to a daughter named Pungu. The second wife had a daughter which she also named Pungu. The man said to his wives: Prepare some flour for me because I am going in search of work. And they […]

A Woman and a Key

Here is a story: There was a man who married a woman. When they were married, he took his wife to a town where there was a mine. He bestowed upon her a house which had 12 rooms and every door of the house had a lock in it. The man began to cause his […]

The Man, the Girl and the Viper

Here is a story: There once was a woman who had a son named Joseph. Once he had grown up, his mother told him: You must find yourself a fiancée. Since he was a vegetable farmer he refused and said: Oh, my mother, I don’t want to get engaged. And then he added: When the […]

The Father-in-law who Wanted to Build a Temporary Hut to Take Back His Child

Here is a story: A certain man married a girl he loved very much. The father-in-law said: Let’s go and take back our child from our son-in-law because we do not like him. In order to take her back, I will give him a very difficult job to do. If he fails, we will take […]