The Two Drums

Here is a story: There once was a group of people who lived together in a village and they made two drums that were named: injelunje and inkuluwende. Both of them produced beautiful sounds. One day, mid-morning, some dwarfs came to the village while the people were out working in the fields. The dwarfs took […]

The Mbilingwa Monster and the Lion

Here is a story: There was once a monster named Mbilingwa who lived together with a Lion. This monster was a strange creation of God because it had one eye, one ear, half of a nose, one leg, one arm, and one part of his head. Both of them were good friends and they decided […]

The Two Young Men, the Two Evil Spirits, and the Tree of Healing

Here is a story: In a certain village there were once two young men. One day, they told their parents: We would like some flour, some relish, and other things to eat on our way because we are going to look for work in the Kalale region. The parents gave them the food. One of […]

The Two Evil Spirits that Eat Children

Here is a story: There once was a man that married a woman and this woman gave birth to children that all died soon after birth. This troubled him a lot in his mind because he didn’t know what was killing his children. In total, four children died. After some time passed, the woman became […]

The Evil Spirit and His String of Beads

Here is a story: There once was a young man who got engaged to a beautiful girl and delivered the engagement presents as he was told. As the day of the wedding was approaching, he went hunting in the bush; and as he was hunting he got very tired. Along the way, he met an […]

The Evil Spirit at the Man’s Field

Here is a story: There once was a man who cut trees for his field and when he finished his wife would come and carry the branches. When she finished carrying the branches, she burned them. To cultivate finger millet, they used to take the seeds and sow them when the rain came. Soon the […]

The Evil Spirit and the Girl Who Broke the Clay Pot

Here is a story: In a place where many people lived, there lived a daughter who liked to carry a clay pot for gathering water. The mother told her: If you break that pot, do not bother coming back to this village. One day, the child broke the pot and so could not return to […]

Lozi and Simwenya, the Evil Spirit

Here is a story: There once was a king who built a great village and in that village there was a river where the king’s children washed themselves. One day when they were washing themselves, one of the king’s daughters named Lozi forgot her ring. After they left the river, Lozi said: My friends, I […]

The Woman and the Evil Spirit

Here is a story: One day, a pregnant woman went to gather some firewood and when she found the firewood, she made a big bundle of it and couldn’t lift it. While she was thinking of what to do, the Evil Spirit came to her. The woman told the Evil Spirit:If you come and put […]

The Evil Spirit and the Small Child

Here is a story: There once was a great village and in this village there lived a man and his child. This village was plagued by an uncommonly bad famine and so the father and his child went to the bush to look for the fruit of the ikole tree. The fruits were close to […]

The Ghost on Earth

Here is a story: There was a Ghost that came into the world, and this Ghost began to devour animals. He would eat everything that came into sight. In the end, the Ghost had eaten everything, including all humans; all that was left was Cangala and his three children. Cangala said: So what can we […]

The Father and his Children

Here is a story: There once was a man who had four children. The oldest one went looking for work in a town called Mpiwe. In that town he earned a vast fortune: it included many goats and many cows, and then he came back. When he returned, he didn’t come to live with his […]