The Monster who Married the King’s Daughter

Here is a story: There once was a village with many people and in this village there lived twelve boys. Eleven of these boys were normal, but one of them was a monster who was as round as a ball. He had no eyes and was missing many other things. Wherever he went, he would […]

The Woman and the Stupid Boy

Here is a story: There once were some people who lived in a great village and this village had many young boys. One day, the young boys said: Let’s rest today and go for a walk in the bush. So they went and when they were deep into the bush, they heard the call of […]

The Woman and the Mirror

Here is a story: There once was a very wealthy woman who hired hunters to kill animals for her. She had no children so she went to see the witch-doctor to consult the spirits about it and the witch-doctor gave her a mirror saying: In this you may see. The witch-doctor warned her: Watch this […]

The Seven Young Men that Wish to Get Married

Here is a story: There once was a man who had seven children, all of whom were boys. When they grew up, they said to their father: Father, we all wish to marry. The father replied: I want you all to wait until the youngest is old enough to marry. When the youngest was old […]

The Wife that Came Out of the Kasongole (Bush Orange) Fruit

Here is a story: There once was a boy whom no girl would agree to marry . He asked one girl to marry him and she refused. Then he asked another one and she, too, refused. The people advised him: Go and consult the one-buttocked ant diviner. The young man went to the Ant. The […]

The Young Man and his Younger Sister

Here is a story: The only people left on earth from a certain family were a young man and his younger sister because the parents of the two had died. The older one, the brother, took everything that his father left his sister. All that the sister had left was one pumpkin seed which she […]

The Man with Dreams, the Hunter, the Boatman and the Thief that Saved the King’s Child

Here is a story: There was a great village and in this village there was a beautiful daughter of the King. The King didn’t allow any man to come and talk to her, saying: I only want to look at my child because she is as beautiful as the moon. So the King built a […]

The Girl that Got Engaged to Five Men

Here is a story: There once was a king named Kasanda who ruled a village and in this village there lived many people. Among the people, there lived a woman whose husband had died a long time ago and left her a daughter named Wangoca who was very beautiful. Wangoca’s mother’s name was Ndulole. From […]

How the Man from Far Away Turned Out to be Caring

This story speaks of how racism is a bad thing. Here is a story: There once was a great village and the chief was in it. In that village there lived a blind man. The people hated him because wherever he went, they said: Get out of here, get out of here! What is it […]

How the Rat, Solo, Ridiculed Cangala for Theft

Here is a story: Stealing is not a good thing. There once was a young man called Cangala who travelled a great distance to find himself a wife. When he arrived at the place where he was going to find a wife, the people in the village kept him there. Therefore he did not return […]

How the Frog Saved the Girl, Ngoza, who Mocked the Massive Stone

Here is a story: Dear Friends, there once was a great village and in this village there were six girls. One day, these girls made an arrangement: My friends, let us go and pick fruit from the musuku tree. The girls got up and went to look for their baskets, flat baskets. One girl, who […]