How the Hare Died Because of his Cheating

Here is a story: The Hare befriended the Bushbuck and they began to live together. During the time they were staying together, a famine came. The food which the Hare and the Bushbuck ate was all gone. There was nothing else to do so the Hare said to the Bushbuck: Let’s go for a walk […]

The Hare’s Survival

Here is a story: The animals said: Let’s go and build a well because the water in the river has dried up. They all went off to build the well except for the Hare who said: Am I going to walk in the mud? I’ll just wait for them to build it so that I […]

Certain Good is Repaid in Evil: The Hare and the Python

Here is a story: Early in the morning, the Hare went rambling in the bush. While he was strolling, he found a Python which had been pinned down on his back by a (fallen) tree; therefore he could not pull himself free. As the Python saw the Hare, he yelled: You Hare, I beg you, […]

The Hare, the Bushbuck and the Cruel People

Here is a story: There was a Hare and a Bushbuck who lived together and each one of them had their own wife. A cruel famine took hold of their village and so, they had nowhere to get groundnuts. Finally, they found some groundnuts and beans in someone’s field. Everyday they would go and crunch […]

How the Hare Saved the Duiker Antelope from the Lion

Here is a story: Many animals lived together and they built a great village. The village was run by the king Lion. The Lion would wander around the bush and cut down poles for the building of homes. Having cut them, he would return. At the same time, the Duiker antelope went on its way, […]

How the Hare and the Jackal Stole from the Field

Here is a story: There was a man that had a giant field where he harvested many different kinds of food. When the different things he planted began to sprout and then began to ripen, one day it happened there were two animals there: the Hare and the Jackal. Both had begun to eat the […]

The Hyena and the Lion

Here is a story: The Hyena became friends with the Lion. One day, the hyena bought a female goat. The Lion bought a male goat. After some time living together, the female goat belonging to the Hyena had a child. When the Lion saw the child of the goat which belonged to the Hyena, the […]

How the Hare and Cendela Befriended Each Other

Here is a story: There was a Hare that befriended Cendela. They lived together on the basis that the Hare stole flour from people and Cendela stole chickens. They were doing this everyday. One day the Hare thought of something clever and said: I cannot eat with Cendela every day. So this is what he […]

The Man, the Lion and the Hare

Here is a story: There was a hunter who would go to the bush daily and would hunt animals everyday out of habit. On a regular day, he killed a king rat, a guinea fowl and afrancolin. When he was still in the bush hunting, and since it was the rainy season, a sudden rain […]

How the Hare Saved the Kudu Antelope from the Field Owner

Here is a story: There was a man that had a great field where he harvested lentils. The Hare had a provisional hut in which he lived. The Kudu always went to the man’s field to graze. When the man went to the field in the morning, he noticed the Kudu was there and eating […]

The Hare that Saved the Bushbuck from the Lion

Here is a story: There was a Lion that lived together with all of the other animals in the bush. The Lion said: What can I do so we all agree on my plan for a work assignment? The Lion decided in his heart, and said to himself: I will make them hate each other. […]

Should One Eat the Fruit of the Umucakaili Tree?

Here is a story: The Hare and a bunch of other animals all lived together in a big village. Living together in such a large number; however, caused them to eventually run out of food. All of the things growing in the bush dried out. One day, they found a massive tree on which there […]