How the Jackal Tricked the Goat

Here is a story: One day, the Jackal was hunting in the meadow for flying termites and as he ran he fell into a very deep well. He tried to get out of the well, but he could not. The Jackal spent three days in the well without finding any way of getting out. On […]

The Lion and the Sheep

Here is a story: There was a Lion and a Sheep who became very good friends. The Lion lived in the bush while the Sheep lived in the village. The Lion killed many animals and brought them to the Sheep. One week later, the Lion said to the Sheep: My friend, please come tomorrow to […]

How the Wagtail Divided the Honeybadger and the Sea Eagle

Here is a story: Once upon a time there was a Honeybadger and an Eagle who often visited one another and were very good friends. Whenever the Badger went to his friend’s house, he always took some honey in a clay pot and the Sea Eagle always took fish. One day, the Badger said: I […]

To Learn From the Teachings of Others is a Good Thing: The Tale of the Two Centipedes

Here is a story: There was a Centipede that had one child, and there was another Centipede that had one child as well. The first Centipede was a widow as her husband had died, but the other had a husband. The widow taught her child: When you notice the rainy season is ending, start digging […]

The Rooster that Saved the Cow

Here is a story: A Cow befriended a Lioness. Sometimes they would play together and sometimes they would stay by themselves. After some time, the Cow and Lioness became pregnant. During the pregnancy both of them were still close friends. An old proverb says: The days do not go by the same way for everyone. […]

The Tortoise that doesn’t Forget

Here is a story: There was an Elephant, a Hare, a Duiker and a Tortoise. The Elephant was their king. One day the Elephant became alarmingly sick and the animals of his kingdom knew that he was very ill. One day, a Monkey came to see the Elephant and he discovered how sick the Elephant […]

The Mouse (Katondo) and the Duiker (Mpombo) Played Hide and Seek

Here is a story: There was once a small Mouse with a long snout and an Antelope Duiker who were very good friends. One day, in the morning, the Mouse went to visit the Duiker and said to him: Let’s play hide and seek. The Duiker agreed. The Duiker was the first one to go […]

The Children of the Lion and the Children of the Monkey

Here is a story: There was a Lion that lived together with his wife and children. Near by, the Monkey lived together with his wife and his children. They all lived together in harmony. When the mothers of the children went to work, the Lion cubs would go to the Monkey’s children and say: Let’s […]

The Monkey and the Tortoise

Here is a story: The Monkey and the Tortoise became friends. They would often have great fun playing together. One day, the Monkey sent the Tortoise a letter which said: My friend, come and visit me because we have not seen each other in a long time. The Tortoise was delighted. When the day of […]

The Monkey: The Wife of ‘God’

Here is a story: There was a great village and in this village there lived a rich king. The Monkeys noticed the famine in the land was getting worse and many animals in the bush all around were dying. One Monkey thought to itself: Tomorrow I will have to tell all of the Monkeys who […]

The Wisdom and Fraud That Killed the Monkey

Here is a story: There lived a Monkey and a Lizard. The Monkey and the Lizard were very good friends; they spent a lot of time together. The Monkey and the Lizard shared a dwelling but for some time now the Monkey had been cheating the Lizard. When the Monkey caught something to eat, it […]

A House Rat and Bush Mouse Would Like To Be Rich

Here is a story: There was a house Rat and a little bush Mouse. Together, they went in search of a fortune and on the way they met an old woman. They asked if she knew of anyone with a fortune who could employ them in order to let them earn some money. The old […]