The Bird Mbaza that doesn’t Know what Real Laughter is

Here is a story: There once was a village where people lived. In that village there lived a young man named Kilanji who went in search of a girl. He got engaged to a girl from another village. His mother did not know about it. When the day of the wedding came, he married this […]

How the Chicken Lost the Needle that Belonged to the Kite

Here is a story: A Kite once became friends with a Chicken. They would visit each other everyday. The Chicken went to the Kite when he caught something. She could eat it and was very happy about it. One day, the Kite went to visit the Chicken and gave her some food; she prepared it […]

The Warthog that Befriended the Cassava

Here is a story: A Warthog once befriended a Cassava which didn’t move and he came to visit the Cassava on a daily basis. One day, the Cassava fell sick and began to sigh. The Warthog left its house and said: I will go to see my friend. The Warthog met the Cassava as it […]

Why the Grasshoppers Yambala and Yongolo Never Got their Wings

Here is a story: There was a king who ruled a country and this country was made up of grasshoppers who had no wings. The king then thought: What can I do so that they can function normally? He sent one of his people to the bush, telling him: Go to the bush and tell […]

How the Night Lemurs (Bush Babies): Mutende and Mundetelele, Died

Here is a story: There were once two Lemurs: one was named Mutende and the other one was named Mundetelele. Mutende and Mundetelele lived together in one tree hallow, and they lived and worked together very happily. When it was time to eat, they always ate together. They promised each other to follow the regulations […]

How People Started to Eat Mush and to Cultivate

Here is a story: In the past people did not know how to eat mush. They only ate relish from animals that they had killed while hunting. There were two men, who, upon returning to their village with their dog’s making the noise: lukulukuluku, went to the meeting house. When they got to the meeting […]

The First Wedding

Here is a story: There once was a village where men lived all alone and there was nobody to do the cooking for them. As it was a vast village, there was a king there. The men cultivated finger millet and stored it in the granary but they did not eat it. One day, a […]

How Death Found its Way on to the Earth

Here is a story: There once was a man who pleaded with God that he bestow on him something that would improve his life on earth. He kept asking, but soon he realised that he received nothing. He said: Does he hear me or does he not hear me? God responded to him by saying: […]