The Hare and the Jackal that Eat Groundnuts

Here is a story: The Hare and the Jackal were good friends. They often played together and they both lived in provisional huts. The Hare told the Jackal: Let’s go to the field and eat some groundnuts. They went and as the two began eating, the owner of the field came and saw that the […]

The Man and His Three Children whose Heads Swell

Here is a story: There once was a man who had three children. The first born’s head began to swell, his younger brothers’ heads also began to swell. The father went to seek advice from others. They told him: You must boil some water and then put hot towels on their heads. The man did […]

How the Friendship Between the Honeybadger and the Sea Eagle was Destroyed

Here is a story: There once were a Honeybadger and a Sea Eagle who became friends. The Sea Eagle had a wife and children and the Honeybadger also had a wife and children. The Honeybadger had his own good ways to strengthen their friendship. He would gather honey. The Sea Eagle also thought of good […]

Cangala: The Man Who Defeated the Man Who Could Turn into a Lion

Here is a story: There once was a man who had two children: Ngoza and Cangala. Ngoza was the older one and she grew to be a magnificently beautiful woman. As time went by, Ngoza came closer and closer to the age at which she could marry. Whenever a man would come to her and […]