A Girl named Daylight

Here is a story:

There once was a great village where a young man named Kateule lived. One day, the young man was sauntering around when he came across a girl named Daylight. Daylight never went outside of her home, but soon the two were married. The young man was told: This girl cannot work outside; she can only work indoors.

One day, the girl’s mother-in-law took her outside. When she went outside, she laid out her millet and began to sing:

At our place I do not see daylight,
I saw the dead,
Beam of sun killed – (they blamed) God.

The girl sang as she was going down to the ground, and she entered the hole as far as her neck. The husband informed his mother, and when they came back they found she was already under the ground. The young man started to cry and the girl went back to the place she used to live.

And that is the end of our story.

The moral of the story: people who do not want to listen to God and follow His commandments get angry when God punishes them; however, it was they who broke the commandments to begin with.

The Mambwe proverbs say: In former times the leopard did not bite (attack) man: it was man who showed him how to do it (Nangu itali ya kuluma muntu, umuntu uwailanjilile).

Subjects: disobedience – anger – punishment – breaking commandments

Written by an unknown author.